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Shell is a much anticipated debut collection of poetry and prose from first-time writer Shelly Abramovich. One hundred pieces of poetry and prose swim across three chapters; the evocative words of this young authoress will take you to the depths of the ocean through rapturous waves, currents and tides. Touching on themes of love, change, vulnerability, reflection, healing, and other profoundly intimate and evanescent intricacies of being human – Shell is an unwavering dive into a storm of words fuelled by sentiment, pathos, and honesty.


"Shell is a beautiful piece of work and I truly enjoyed every word. This collection of poetry was very inspirational, allowing me to immerse myself into her poetic world. Shell is written in such a way that I was able to apply the words to my own self. As you read, you can feel the power of the words- how honest the emotions and the love are presented in her work. Shelly did a wonderful job...her writing is filled with passion and beauty and demonstrates the energy she holds and the beautiful way she views the world. Thank you for sharing your work."

- Jordyn V.

"I absolutely adored this collection of poetry. It's nearly impossible to believe Shelly's a first time writer because of how skillfully and naturally poetry comes to her, as well as how exquisitely she writes. I read, and then reread so many of these introspective and ethereal poems. They're honest, raw, and full of emotion. I'm so grateful she shared her art with the world."

- Keila M.

"A unique pearl in the world of contemporary poetry. Devoid of cliché and noticeably authentic, Shell is larger than the sum of its parts—it both celebrates and laments love, loss, euphoria, desolation, and everything in between, reminding us that life is to be experienced in full, with both feet in the river. Unlike a great deal of modern poetry, there is nothing pretentious or hollow about this volume. It is my favourite collection of poetry of all time. If you're looking for stunning imagery, intensely relatable verses, and lucid poetic commentary on the human condition, this is absolutely the book for you."

- Phaedra C.

"A beautiful collection of poetry. Shelly views the world in extreme emotional detail and is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. The sentimental, mundane, vulgar, and sublime are all dissected and meditated upon with the same level of passion and wonder, showing us that beauty is truly everywhere to be seen. A great read, and a great introduction to the first time author's unique poetic voice."

- Felix H.
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