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Shelly is an independent production designer, producer, and writer with a passion for traditional filmmaking with experimental visual treatment. She focuses her work on mystical, psychological, and ethereal genre films with a meticulous attention to detail and design. Frequently collaborates with Toronto-based director-writer-producer Michael Alexander Uccello. Please check resume in the About section for updated freelance commercial, feature, and short film work. 


Zeus Arcpod commercial

An advertisement for a dry herb vaporizer that is healthier than conventional smoking. The footage was used for a video commercial as well as other marketing material. 

production designer



My Favourite Christmas Melody

Once a promising singer-songwriter, Abby now finds herself writing uninspired jingles for commercials. As she heads home for the holidays, Abby soon rediscovers her voice as a local music teacher enlists her to help save a school arts programme.

on-set dresser


From Beyond_edited.jpg

From Beyond

Desperate to gain entry to an alternate dimension, physicist Arthur Whateley allows his mentor Crawford Tillinghast to change his material constitution, a procedure that will enable him to physically pass through to the other side. But Arthur soon discovers that Crawford is making him undergo this transformation for an altogether different and sinister purpose.

producer/production designer/assistant makeup artist



Death and the Maiden in development

A mourning sculptor unravels the uncanny mystery surrounding the sudden death of his mother after a strange woman arrives in town with visions of the murder.

co-writer/production designer

Blue Girl_edited.jpg

Blue Girl in pre-production

An unknown girl in a seemingly faraway place runs fervently against the elements and her own internal turmoil - until she comes to a halt. 

director, producer, actor

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