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META 2020


Ryerson University New Media




Toronto, Canada


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META is an annual showcase of exploratory artworks made by the graduating students of the New Media program at Ryerson University. META 2020 featured over 25 multidisciplinary and multimedia pieces ranging from virtual reality experiences to interactive installations. Done virtually in May of 2020 following the COVID-19 pandemic, META took place over a combination of Zoom breakout rooms, Instagram live streams and URL navigated links. It was curated and organized by Shelly Abramovich & Tristan Sauer, with collaboration from 13 members of the curatorial team.

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Reframing Narratives || Critical Zeitgeist || Paradigm Shifting

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"Every artwork strives to reframe narratives, shift paradigms, and break the bounds of the box. The works and artists question beyond the nature of what our current reality is in hopes of a different outcome, a different answer, a different future. We are dreamers, thinkers, believers and doers hoping to find ourselves and our truth through empathy and discourse. With the ignition of a new zeitgeist, the thesis projects of the New Media graduating class of 2020 will prompt you to reframe your own narratives—within yourself as a free agent and outward as an active community member living in an increasingly terrifying, hopeful, and complicated world."


"A celebration of the past four years of all your hard work in one intimate space - with your art, peers, teachers, and close people who supported you. The final hurrah, the culminating moment of togetherness as a cohort of creative, passionate, and close-knit artists who built a community. 


This is what META 2020 is about."

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