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Shelly Abramovich is a Toronto-based writer, marketing designer, and artist. Of mixed diasporic background, Shelly was born in Israel, raised in Latvia, moved to Canada as a first generation immigrant, and lived in Vietnam while on an international university exchange program. She continues to traverse the world as a nomad and creative professional.  

Her practice is primarily concentrated on writing, marketing, film, fine & new media art, and the management of various creative initiatives. Shelly Abramovich graduated with a BFA in New Media Art and a Minor in Psychology, with distinction, from Ryerson University. She also possesses a Project Management certificate from the University of Toronto


Shelly is able to produce, curate, and direct any creative endeavour with empathy, effectiveness, and efficiency. Her project coordination experience includes; Bot.TANICAL a three month long installation project for the Ontario Science Centre, META 2020 thesis exhibit for the New Media graduating class of 2020, and Club Nü a virtual Zoom nightclub established during the COVID-19 quarantine, and more. She also assisted as a decoration artist for the underground event collective Sounds of Love, volunteered at the Toronto Interior Design Show and Philip Beesley Architectshosted writing workshops at Ryerson University, multiple art workshops at private schools, and much, much more. 


Shelly has experience as a Marketing Coordinator at StateView Homes, where she worked on everything from social media management to sponsorship coordination to copywriting. She also worked as a full-time art teacher and department head to over 160 students at UMCA Richtree Academy. During her time off, Shelly works in the film industry with multiple credits under her belt: producer, writer, production designer, and on-set dresser for shorts, commercials, and feature films. In addition, Shelly is an avid painter, sculptor, new media, mural, and tattoo artist. Her personal creative practice is centred around themes of the natural sublime, memory, and transcendence using the mediums of; water-colour, acrylic paint, sound design, projection mapping, installation, and tangible fabrication. 


As a poet and writer, Shelly Abramovich has self-published two collections. Shell is her most recently published work and is available for purchase on Amazon. Prior to Shell, Abramovich self-published a limited release compilation of poems and photographs called Twenty, which was received with much success and enthusiasm from readers. She also assists other authors or people in need of help with proofreading, editing, and writing. In her personal writing, much like in her art, Shelly explores themes of love, change, vulnerability, reflection, healing, and other intimate and evanescent intricacies of being human. Professionaly, Shelly is a travel writer for, a digital publication for the intrepid.

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